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CC800®/9 XL

The CC800®/9 XL coating system with DC sputter technology is particularly flexible and universally applicable. For many years, it has formed the backbone of many tool coatings worldwide.

It was developed for high volumes or large components. For example, it coats 4,500 drills or 16,400 cutting inserts as well as tools up to 800 mm in length and 650 mm Ø in a single operation.
Item no.: 800-XLAS3
Customs tariff no.: 84798997
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Advantages of the latest generation CC800®/9 XL (compared to previous series)
  • new water distribution panel with new, maintenance-free sensors
  • new, optimized maintenance-friendly booster technology
  • SPK sputter cathodes (reduction of target costs by at least 30-35 %)
  • all cathodes with direct feedthroughs (significantly longer durability)
  • Improved table motor with optimized rotation, even under high load
  • new multi-touch panel (15.4) for comfortable handling
  • optimized troubleshooting
Technical data
Coating space,Ø x h (mm) Ø650 x 700
Substrate table, Ø x Ø satellites x number of satellites (mm/piece) Ø650 x Ø130 x 10
Cathodes (pieces/mm) 4 x 800 (DC)
Maximum dimensions of the substrate Ø x h Ø650 x 800
Capacity drill, Ø6mm x 60mm (piece) 4500
Capacity WSP, 12.7mm x 3.5mm (piece) 16400
Loading (KG) 500
Coating rate µm/h 2 µm/h
Litigation proceedings Sputtering with booster technology. All established DC CemeCon coatings are possible.
Substrate pretreatment (plasma etching) BOOSTER AND MF EARNING
Electrically conductive layers Yes
Electrically non-conductive layers No
Electrically non-conductive substrates No
Connected load (kVA) 150
Power consumption per batch for 3μm Hyperlox®** 200
Outer dimension mm (w x l x h) 1.450 x 3.350 x 2.200
* On 10mm milling cutter, full load, 3-times-rotation