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The calotte grinder Calotte L

In the production and development of thin coatings with PVD technology (Physical Vapor Deposition), the determination of the coating thickness is one of the most important measurement methods.
The calotte grinder Calotte L:
  • is used to determine coating thicknesses and coating rates
  • uses a broad projection of the layer thickness, which can also be measured with low magnification (Vmin =50)
  • measures layer thicknesses between 0.1 and 30 µm

Item no.: 33401
Customs tariff no.: 84799070
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To grind the layer, a hardened steel ball is rotated on the coated substrate surface. Since many coatings are harder than the steel ball used, diamond suspension is additionally introduced between the coating and the steel ball via a pipette.

With calotte grinding unit, CemeCon offers the possibility of meeting the diverse applications in coating production and evaluation. The "Kalottchen L" calotte grinding device is ideally suited for fast and simple layer thickness determination of PVD layers.

Scope of delivery:
  • Calotte L Calotte Grinder
  • Diamond suspension for calottes
  • Ball ø 20.0mm / Class 3
  • Quick clamping fixture for standard measuring pins
  • Clamping jaw fixture for parts up to 50mm width/diameter
  • Magnetic holder for flat parts made of steel (e.g. saw blades)
  • Clamping plate 300 x 400mm for variable measurement setup
  • Precision spindle bearing with 80 mm projection
  • Analog and discrete timer function 5 seconds to 3 minutes
  • change of direction of rotation
Technical data
Coating Technology PVD HIPIMS
Net weight 24,2 kg
measurement (LxWxH) 350 x 425 x 300 mm
Test method PVD coating thickness
Type L
Coating procedure Follow up treatment
Process step Quality control
Electricity segment Voltage rating 100 240VAC
Input voltage of 85 264 VAC at 350mA
Frequency range 47 63Hz Output 24V, 2.5A