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For shank tools
HSN² is characterized by the high hardness of a silicon doted coating material paired with the unsurpassed smoothness of sputter technology. HSN² plays out this superior combination particularly in hard machining, for example in tool and mold making. HSN2 is also successfully used in the machining of high-alloy stainless steels.
Item no.: 36815-1
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Process know-how made by CemeCon

You not only receive the recipe for our coating, but also the complete know-how of pre- and post-treatment for the peripherals we supply. Another component of our know-how package is the hardware specially adapted to the coating process, our targets, foils and accessories, and the process updates for our recipes!

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Technical data
Coating unit CC800®HiPIMS
CC800®/9 ML
Coating Technology PVD SPUTTER
Layer composition TiAlSiN
Tool type Shank tools
Material Stainless steel
machining application Drill
Application temperature 1.100°C
Color Kupfer
Available layer thickness 1,5 μm
3 µm
Targetkonfiguration 2*item 33788/2*item 35079/2*item 33790