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DataView 4.0" license

CemeCon operator software for coating
For existing customers who want more!

„DataView 4.0 is the latest release of our operator software for convenient operation and control of your CC800®-coating system based on the OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) standard and offers a high communication standard.

 Get your coating unit ready for Industry 4.0 and loT!

(1 license includes max. 2 keys for APC & IPC
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The software has a modern user interface and state-dependent operator screens in the respective process steps (e.g. heating, coating, etc.).
Its standardization and uniform interfaces ensure a high degree of interoperability between different applications, clients and ERP systems via OPC-UA and easy access to applications and data.
The software architecture is flexibly expandable and thus future-proof.
Access rights can be easily set up via user roles to ensure secure plant operation at all times.
The modular system enables recipe management/planning and the creation of evaluations on plant operation.
An integrated help system provides access to all CemeCon operating instructions
at any time.

OPC-UA offers the provision of simple interfaces in a uniform message format as well as a high security standard and various security levels via the exchange of certificates.
- Service-oriented architecture (SOA): 1 license includes 2 license keys so that you can use the software both on the unit and on your unit PC.
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Expansion Stage AS1 AS2 AS3 AS3C AS3C2
Application area system control