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Helium leak tester

The CemeCon coating systems are operated in vacuum. To find helium leaks, the helium leak detector is suitable as an easy-to-use and versatile device for measuring vacuum leaks. Leaks can be identified quickly and efficiently with it. Sniffing leak detection with helium (4He, 3He) and hydrogen (H2).
Item no.: 21440
Customs tariff no.: 90271010
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The leak detector is characterized by:
  • Highest sensitivity
  • smallest detectable leakage rate for He: in vacuum mode: 5 x E-13 Pa m³ /s and in sniffing mode: 5 x E-10 Pa m³ /s
  • fast detection of large leaks -
  • max. inlet pressure 25 hPa  ; Massive Mode: 100 hPa
  • Interface card: 15 pin I/O
  • all accessories necessary for operation
  • internal rotary vane pump with 15 m³ /h pumping speed
Technical data
Electricity segment 50/60 Hz
200/240 V
Test method Vacuum measurement