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Set of fixtures for coating inserts CC800®HiPIMS

For the coating of cutting inserts
Optimized holding systems for precision tools are of central importance for coating. This holder set serves to optimize the utilization of your CC800®HiPIMS coating system for maximum and reproducible quality.

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Item no.: 33577
Customs tariff no.: 84799070
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PVD holder set CC800®HiPIMS for cutting inserts.

With the holder set specially adapted to the CC800®HiPIMS, you can coat up to 5000 inserts* on 6 towers. We offer you the right solution for almost all commercially available inserts! Whether rods, clamping holders or magnetic holders - we are flexible! The PVD holder set CC800®HiPIMS contains coating towers, rods with compression springs, clamping rods, magnetic rollers as well as all accessories (such as pawls, adjusting rings, dummies, etc.).

With spiked and clamped inserts, the tools remain on the same holder system from pretreatment to coating - making labor-intensive, multiple recharging of inserts a thing of the past.

*12.7 mm x 3.5 mm
Technical data
Coating procedure Pretreatment
Process step Pre-charging
Final charging
Coating procedure Follow up treatment
Process step Batching
Tool type Indexable inserts
Coating unit CC800®HiPIMS
CC800®/9 ML