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CC800®/9 ML

The CC800®/9 ML from CemeCon with DC sputter technology is particularly flexible and universally applicable. It coats easily and quickly with all nitride, boride and carbon-based coating materials. It is the economical system for medium quantities and frequent batch and coating material changes. Due to its high flexibility, the CC800®/9 ML series has proven itself in research and development. The modular, open design allows the unit to be equipped with many extensions and options such as measuring devices.
Item no.: 800-MLAS3
Customs tariff no.: 84798997
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Technical data
Coating space,Ø x h (mm) Ø400 x 400
Substrate table, Ø x Ø satellites x number of satellites (mm/piece) Ø400 x Ø130 x 6
Cathodes (pieces/mm) 4 x 500 (DC)
Maximum dimensions of the substrate Ø x h Ø400 x 800
Capacity drill, Ø6mm x 60mm (piece) 1800
Capacity WSP, 12.7mm x 3.5mm (piece) 4920
Loading (KG) 250
Coating rate µm/h 2 µm/h
Electrically conductive layers Yes
Electrically non-conductive layers No
Electrically non-conductive substrates No
Connected load (kVA) 135
Outer dimension mm (w x l x h) 1,050 x 3,350 x 2,200
Litigation proceedings Sputtering with booster technology. All established DC CemeCon coatings are possible.
* On 10mm milling cutter, full load, 3-times-rotation