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Blow-off cabinet CABK 1000 PS

Pretreated surfaces have proven their worth in tool coating, as they are an important prerequisite for coating quality! The CABK 1000 blow-off cabinet is used to remove adhering residual particles after blasting.
  • For manual blowing-off of the tools
  • Large opening sliding door
  • Spaciously dimensioned blow-off chamber
  • Extraction with integrated filter technology
Item no.: 7815-S
Customs tariff no.: 84243010
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The CABK1000 blow-off cabinet is part of our CSA 1000 S4 blasting line. It has a large-volume blow-off chamber, which is loaded through a wide-opening sliding door. The molds are then blown off manually. The dust is extracted by the recirculation system via a long-life filter cartridge. Since a secondary filter is used, connection to an exhaust air system is not necessary.
Technical data
Process step radiate
Coating procedure Follow up treatment
Type CABK 1000 PS
Net weight 330 kg
measurement (LxWxH) 1260 x 1700 x 2060 mm
Dimensions blow-off chamber: 990 x 800 x 710 mm
Connector 400V/50Hz; 3 Ph+N+PE
Connected Load (KW) <1
Ampere 16 A