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Turbo separator

380 - 400V / 50Hz
The compact CBMS 20 turbo separator guarantees economical and resource-saving operation of the wet blasting system.
Item no.: 33742
Customs tariff no.: 84219100
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A constantly high blasting medium quality is guaranteed by the use of the separator. It separates the used blasting medium (e.g. high-grade corundum) from the blasting liquid in order to maintain the blasting quality at a constantly high level through targeted refilling of new blasting medium. In conjunction with the blast machine, the Turbo Separator operates almost fully automatically. It is installed near the blast machine. From the wet blasting system, the blasting liquid runs together with the blasting medium into the separator. There, the used blasting medium is separated. Refilling of the used blasting medium is possible quickly and accurately.
Technical data
Process step radiate
Coating procedure Follow up treatment
Type CBMS 20
Net weight 270 kg
measurement (LxWxH) min. footprint: 1000 x 1000 mm
Dimensions plant: 550 x 800 x 1700 mm
Connector 380-400V / 50Hz
Connected Load (KW) 2,7
Ampere 25 A